Muz-mo is a new, non-invasive, exercise aid that helps recovery from physical disabilities caused by stroke, accident or illnesses that impair muscle movement through brain injury.

Many such patients struggle to relearn to walk or make arm and hand movements. Muz-mo is a valuable aid in exercises to improve these actions.

By giving an audible signal when a set movement target is achieved or exceeded, Muz-mo gives patients encouragement and assurance. Muz-mo gives the patient accurate feedback so that they know that they are performing the movement correctly, allowing them to repeat exercises and so relearn the movement they were able to perform before their stroke, accident or illness.

Muz-mo is for use by patients exercising under the guidance of their physiotherapist or doctor. Once the patient has learned to use Muz-mo with help from a therapist, they can practice and repeat physiotherapy exercises, without constant direct supervision within a rehabilitation gym or, if considered appropriate by their medical adviser, in the patient’s own home. This can greatly increase the amount of exercise undertaken and so help recovery. Muz-mo can be easily and finely adjusted, allowing patients to achieve different levels of movement with appropriate targets set progressively as their recovery progresses.

Muz-mo monitors the relative movement of a foot, hand, leg or arm to another part of the body or to an external fixed position. It can be used in a wide range of activities and is particularly useful in exercises to improve walking. Muz-mo's sound signal eliminates the need for the patient to look at the limb they are using. This allows the patient to adopt an appropriate posture and balance. Muz-mo does not electronically stimulate the muscles or physically assist movement but helps patients exercise to encourage the brain to regain control of movement. Current research indicates that, through the brain's plasticity, recovery can be stimulated by appropriate, repeated exercises.

A muz-mo unit is designed to be used many times by one patient during their rehabilitation period.

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